Jewelry Care

  • When first receiving your earrings, please be careful taking it out of the earring cards! The liquid used to secure earring posts to the clay has a strong hold, but it can come off with enough force.
  • To clean off dirt, dust, or small drops of paint, use a Q-Tip or cleaning cloth with a small dab of rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover. Don't overdo this as adding too much can break down the clay! In the case that the earring is stained with stamp ink, please use water and soap.
  • Store them in a safe location after wearing; polymer clay is strong, but it can break. We recommend leaving the earrings inside the pouch it comes in or in a jewelry organizer box. Please handle with care.
  • Do not wear to the beach or pool where it can easily come off. The high salt and chlorine levels will rust your pieces! Please don't wear them to any water-related occasion, unless you take them off. Do NOT wear them to sleep, as they can break. Earrings will tarnish over time if not properly taken care of. Please be advised to keep them somewhere safe and covered.